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Corporate Sales

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Do you want to motivate, reward and show appreciation to the staff you work with?


Are you celebrating a colleague’s long term service or even their retirement?  

Or how about…

Are you saying farewell to colleagues as they move on to new pastures and want to wish them luck in their new employment?


Whatever the reason, we at Europens are sure to help you find the perfect corporate gift for any those situations (and more…) and to suit any budget.  

Why a pen though?

Actually, the real question should be, why not a pen?? Though we are living in an age of vast technological advancements, how many days in the office go by without any of us using a pen?

The answer you’ll find is none…Not one day goes by when we aren’t using a pen for something (even if it’s writing the shopping list) but most of us probably only use cheap, plastic, throwaway pens, which we inevitably chew the ends off! But there’s a certain amount of pride when we receive a pen which isn’t the standard plastic biro (we all know what pen I’m talking about!)

A pen is a great way of truly appreciating the hard work of your employees, celebrating your company’s achievements, helping to drive new business initiatives, or simply to express your thanks as the big boss and we have a great number of writing instruments available to do that, with brands to select from such as Cross, Lamy, Montegrappa, Parker, Waterman, Zebra and Sheaffer. Most  brands come with their own unique presentation boxes, however please do contact us if you require further images of these.

Europen’s understands that when you purchase a corporate gift you wish it to be truly exclusive and often the best way to achieve this is to personalise it with a persons’ name or a message. This is why we offer a high quality engraving service to personalise your pens so that no matter how many you order, every single pen is unique and perfectly tailored!


Not all pens are designed to be engraved. However we can engrave on metal finishes (i.e.: Gold, Silver, Chrome, Brushed Chrome & some Matte Black) and Resin. The maximum amount of characters (this must include all dots and spaces)for a majority of our brands  is 16 Characters, however there are a few brands which differ. For example Yard-O-Led only allows for 8 characters. We usually recommend engraving only a first name, initials or a date.

Company branding:

Trying to promote your company or attract potential clients? Branding your company’s logo on a pen can be a great way to generate positive interest for your business. Though ‘corporate sales’ seems to imply only businesses can opt for this service, for a matter of fact, other non-business groups can also greatly benefit from logo branding on pens. Universities and charities can also use this to their advantage to help promote their activities.  

If you require an image of your company logo printed on the pen, please contact our sales team to request a quote and what pens are eligible for this service.

We always aim to offer the best competitive discounts providing the highest quality customer service at the very best value for money. If you require further assistance please contact us on 0208 676 1746 or email us: customerservice@europens.co.uk