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Safety before turnover... Europens is temporarily closing.

Hi all,

It is some strange times we are living in, and we hope you are all keeping well. 

While we are observing all government guidance on social distancing and cleaning down our work spaces daily. We cannot rule out contamination from outside sources. Therefore to protect our employees, the Europens team have decided to put safety before turnover and have decided to close until further notice. Our website and other channels are now all inactive for the time being. We will still be around on emails if you need to contact us, but please be aware response times may be longer than usual. Thank you to all our regular customers for there support and we will announce on Facebook when we are back.

The current Covid19 pandemic means that many of us are in isolation. Being socially isolated can have a negative effect on your mental health.

Writing things down or doodling has been proven to enhance our mental health, connection with others and stimulate creativity. Here's a few ideas to get you going:

  1. Journaling. Writing down our thoughts without judgement can clear our minds and bring more self awareness around our thoughts, making a very mindful experience.
  2. Gratitude journaling on the other hand can make sure we don't miss out on the good stuff in our lives during these troubling times.
  3. Writing a letter is more personal than typing a letter or an email. Try sending someone a letter to show you care with a personal touch and keep the connection strong.
  4. Doodling can enhance your creative flow. Try drawing something that brings you joy or maybe get the emotion down on the page by drawing your feelings as characters. Try and be playful with it.
  5. Write a story. Get your imagination going. You could even illustrate it.

Getting things down on paper makes it real. It's the first step to making things happen. Jot down a bucket-list of things you want to do in your life once you're out of isolation...

If you want to share your efforts while all this is going on use the #writetocare.

Stay safe, take care of each other and we will see you all soon.

The Europens Team.

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