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Lewis Edson Waterman had all the essentials needed to give birth to the modern fountain pen: a great idea (he invented the capillary feed—now universally used—that allows even ink flow), the resources to launch it, and a flair for advertising. He used money-back guarantees and endorsements from the likes of Harriet Ward Beecher and Oliver Wendell Holmes to make the pen a success. Since 1884, the Waterman Pen Division have produced some of the most beautiful writing instruments in the world. Waterman Pens remarkable history is a relentless quest to marry innovation, design and excellence. With unrivalled levels of quality and imagination, the grace , sensuality and distinctiveness of the Waterman Pens have assured its place at the heart of French elegance and luxury for over 120 years. Waterman Pens continue to create some of the most elegant and inventive writing instruments in the world today.